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  1. cesarpf13 answered: Both?
  2. southfloridasbutts answered: buns
  3. sexyvibeswithcigsandscars answered: breasts.
  4. jinnsraintree answered: buns, def
  5. thebuttnakeddimension answered: Squeeze her buns
  6. blktights answered: Buns now. Take your time and focus on the breasts.
  7. dreamgarage answered: Aaaass!
  8. arothenaut answered: buns
  9. foofles answered: ass
  10. thatspookyscarykid answered: breasts
  11. tinyandtone answered: buns
  12. linedwell answered: buns
  13. fuckbabylon reblogged this from tush and added:
    Squeeze her buns. Haha!
  14. partialboner answered: The former.
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